Verb: World's First Fullend Framework


Verb Antiframework is an opinionated full-end antiframework for building web apps.

By "antiframework", we mean we reject common dogmatic idioms such as the Model-View-Controller split (MVC) in favor of a unified architecture. We believe nouns should have verbs. Hence, the Verb framework. Consider the everday preference of classes over flat arrays, where programmers choose to give data associated behaviors. This practice can also apply across a framework's data model.

By full-end (as opposed to full stack) we mean both backend and frontend are written with a single line of code. By reducing seperation between model & view, we can also connect the frontend to the backend. This means in the same line of code you define a dropdown field, you define the database schema by which the storage mechanism exists. By focusing on end result, rather than abstractions, we minimize programming time and maximize client functionality, the rest is handled for you by Verb and you can move on with your life.

Browser Compatibility

Verb Antiframework supports all browsers that are ES5-compliant (IE8 and below are not supported).


Project Status Description
Prelude ✔ Released Utilities
ServeView ✔ Released ERP / CRM written in Verb
EmojiCode ❌ Development Verb DSL for web app definition
DotQL ✔ Released DSL for MySQL Schema definitions & bindings


For questions and support please email jonathan \<at> Slack group to come soon.


Please make sure to have a reproduction case. Issues without a repro case may be closed immediately.

Stay In Touch


Thank you for your contribution! Please add a pull request and it will be reviewed. All Contributers must sign the CLA (Contributer License Agreement) before legal will allow any pull requests to be accepted.


This work is licensed under GNU LGPLv3 Leaders & Compnay offers flexible Licensing options. A commercial-use license is available for a fee.

Copyright (c) 2006-present, Jonathan Leaders

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