Known Issues

Updated August 2023

Most linux distros will fail to boot the installer (crash to black screen) due to a failure to load the display driver for Intel/NVidia Hybrid in Optimus (MUX) mode

Known to fail: ❌ Elementary OS 7 ❌ nixOS (both Minimal & Gnome) ❌ Ubuntu 23

Succeeds: Ubuntu 22


Ubuntu 22 will install but will not show 240hz mode, so you will need to: sudo apt install nvidia-prime and run sudo ubuntu-drivers install If you have a failure to install due to a conflict in Ubuntu drivers & Nvidia drivers, run sudo dpkg --force-all -P nvidia-firmware-535-server-535.54.03 nvidia-kernel-common-535 nvidia-compute-utils-535 (use tab-completion for your exact firmware version) then sudo apt --fix-broken install

Then go into BIOS (repeat F2 while restarting) and then disable Display > Hybrid Graphics.

240hz mode will work on boot.

240hz with Optimus

Until kernel 6.0 (Ubuntu 23+) it won't be possible. There is no known way to get Linux Kernel 6 on Alienware M16, please let me know if you know how @jonathanleaders on twitter.

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