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I'm playing around with the idea of creating a storage language based on emojis,

I have a PHP parser, and a PHP form generator written in it that already works.

It's partly for fun, but partly because I find "a picture is worth a thousand words" really fascinating when it comes to programming (r...

ServeYou app is hosted at its own website


Verb Antiframework is an opinionated full-end antiframework for building web apps.

By "antiframework", we mean we reject common dogmatic idioms such as the Model-View-Controller split (MVC) in favor of a unified architecture. We believe nouns should...

Julie Beep Beep is hosted at this personal blog

I made an AI that:

  • Watches where you drive
  • Notes when you enter a new area
  • Looks up historic information of that area
  • Speaks the information into an MP3